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Interior Painting

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  • Interior Painting

    So, I'm trying to settle on a strategy for my interior. As I've mentioned before, I'm building a utility vehicle here so I'm not terribly concerned about having a luxury interior, but i do want it to look decent (whatever that is). I'm thinking of covering the lower parts of the interior to protect the exterior fabric, but leaving the upper parts uncovered. This is probably not a uncommon strategy, but I am considering doing the interior paint with latex (gasp). I don't want to spray the interior so brushing would be my plan. Has anyone done this?

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    It's been done. Maybe not here but I've heard of it. A roller leaves a nicer finish than a brush, so I've been told.
    Rollie VanDorn
    Findlay, OH
    Patrol Quick Build


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      My hanger neighbor built a plane with Polyfiber cloth painted with latex paint. The plane looked presentable for many years. There did not seem to be any cracking or fading
      You will need to plan how you will close the top of your interior panel so you don’t create a place for stuff to fall in and become trapped. The weight penalty for a full interior would be very small. Keep your paint to the minimum as the paints will add up fast


      • Mark Dickens
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        Closing off the interior has been a concern of mine particularly around the D windows in back

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      I have done this in several applications and it works really nice.
      1. Good quality latex.
      2. Eggshell or Satin / Flat. Gloss was weird.
      3. Thin the first coat or two quite a bit with water as it capillaries into the weave and helps kill the bubbles that rise out into your top coat.
      Allow to really dry, dry for several hours between coats.
      4. Really short nap roller, foam did not work so well.

      Kevin D



      • Mark Dickens
        Mark Dickens commented
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        I was worried about the latex wicking into the fabric and was planning to seal the fabric with diluted Ekobond first. I'll do a test panel first and see what happens. Thanks!

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      I followed the Stewarts Systems fuselage covering video, and covers and painted my interior with a spray gun. I'm happy with it. I've seen videos of green looking latex house paint. Sealing with the diluted Ekobond IAW the Stewarts Manual is right on no matter what you paid it with. They sell Ekobond that is white. That might reduce the coats of paint needed.
      Brooks Cone
      Southeast Michigan
      Patrol #303, Kit build


      • Ray Strickland
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        I did the same as you, Brooks. I am also pleased.

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      I do have a pint of the linen color, so I'm hoping that will do the job
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