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LSA QB kit arrived!

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  • LSA QB kit arrived!

    BH delivery 6.30.15.jpg BH delivery.jpg BH fuselage.jpg BH wings.jpg Happiness is the Bearhawk delivery truck arriving! Mike the driver, I and one friend had it unloaded and Mike back on the road in an hour or less. Mike was great to work with!
    So far I have inspected the fuselage and looked the wings over a little. First impression of the fuselage, welding quality is first rate! The gas welds are works of art....I'm sure my tig welding wouldn't be anywhere as nice. I hope to unpack, inspect and organize the rest of the kit over the next few days. I still have much of my shop to set us but my goal is to be in full swing come fall.


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    Congrats! Let the fun begin


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      Congrats! I can't imagine what that feeling would be like. I bet that load would be "fun" to handle across the plains of western NE and Wyoming running north and south.
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