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Exhaust System

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  • Exhaust System

    After considering several alternatives including an Aeronca Champ exhaust system, and other possibilities, I decided to order the exhaust system for my quickbuild from Clint at Vetterman. That choice was significantly influenced by comments from Mark and others on this site. After talking with Clint, I decided to bite the bullet, cost wise, and include mufflers. Clint was very helpful and I am looking forward to receiving a quality product that be easy to install, and give me good performance. Bob

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    Clint: perfect website endorsement for you guys!
    Scratch building Patrol #275
    Hood River, OR


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      Bob – I think you will be happy with your choice. I flew Marks LSA from TX to FL this last week. As you know Mark has the Vetterman exhaust and has added the mufflers. I use a noise canceling headset so at first I didn’t notice any sound improvement with the mufflers. When I put my glasses on and broke the seal in the headset ear cover I could definitely tell the difference. I took my headset off and could really tell. Actually a passive headset would probably be just fine. The cabin heat was a big improvement too. It’s worth adding the mufflers for that alone especially if you do any cold weather flying. I plan on using the Vetterman exhaust with mufflers on my LSA.
      Wayne Massey - Central Florida