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vr3 tubing kit

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  • vr3 tubing kit

    Hi guys I wanted to know what is the best method for assembling the VR3 tubing kit of the patrol if anyone would have advice or pictures sorry for my english i use a translator thank you

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    I used the vr3 tubing kit and assembled the bottom on the table then the top. Then with the top held above the table at the right height and right location I assembled the vertical and diagonal pieces. I used the Bearhawk Builders Manuals by Eric Newton as a guide to building the fuselage. The VR3 plans have excellent dimensions for seting up and making the lower frame but the bends in the top frame were difficult to figure out. You could ask Don at VR3 to give you vertical dimensions for each station down to a common horizontal line. Each tube in the kit is a perfect fit, if a tube was not a perfect fit then I had the piece in wrong. Sorry but I can not figure out how to post pictures.

    Ed Welfred
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    Patrol (modified)


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      Finally was able to load some pictures
      Patrol (modified)


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      I sort of cheated....Wanted to farm out the tubing work...I wanted a kit...contacted VR3 and sent 3D DXF drawing of the fuselage...
      I did a mixture of my own thing and Eric Newtons example...built a steel jig for the cabin and a steel fixture for the bottom longerons to the tail post . The VR3 kit held 0.00”- 0.010” tolerance...literally snapped together. I don’t have pictures handy ...this was back on 2006.
      I have one set of wings to paint and install on my Pacer. The finish another set of wings that are in the shop...I’ve been planeless for four months now...need my Pacer done...then back to the Bearhawk. For the past week I’ve been building slip rolls for 1” square tube for wing rotisserie. this version doesn’t work quite right....modifying today...larger diameter dies...