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Thanks D & D!

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  • Thanks D & D!

    This is a public service message informing you that Donna and Dennis are really cool people who fly really cool airplanes. Most of us have seen pics of their pair of His-'n-Hers kitbuilt Patrols. My wife and I had the great pleasure of rendezvousing with Donna and Dennis yesterday and we both agree that they are as world class as the airplanes they built. Dennis graciously gave me a ride in the back seat, and later my wife got a ride. I think the latter ride was a crucial step in securing the success of my own project, because she loved it. I hope she doesn't expect my craftsmanship and refinement to match what Dennis and Donna have done, but I'll try.
    Thank you D n D!
    Scratch building Patrol #275
    Hood River, OR

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    Thank you for the wonderful comments Mark! Truly it was our pleasure!! Dennis said Sarah flew most of the time, so maybe you guys will start another Patrol??? Your making one part, might as well build two. ;-) A note to anybody in the area who would like a ride—we LOVE to fly and any and all excuses work for us!!