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Digital copy of instruction booklet?

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  • Digital copy of instruction booklet?

    It shames me to admit, but I brought the bearhawk Patrol instruction booklet with me on a work trip and left it in a hotel room. Is there anybody who has a digital copy of it willing to help a brother out? Thanks in advance.

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    I sent you a PM. I hope the link I included will take you to a google drive document with something I think might help.

    BTW, I have an iPhone app called Cam Scanner. It uses the phone to take pictures of documents then makes them into pdf files. I use it for my own personal use. It gives the user the ability to put the Plans and the Patrol Book as a file on a computer.

    This sure is handy, and thought it might be useful to others.
    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build


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      Thanks. I have it and it’s working. Really appreciate,this


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        Google drive has the same scan feature, for android users.
        Scratch building Patrol #275
        Hood River, OR