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Grease fittings in Aileron and Flap lugs

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  • Grease fittings in Aileron and Flap lugs

    I am scratch building a patrol and was wondering if one of you kit builders could tell me if the Aileron and Flap Lugs (see plan set, page 13) comes with grease fittings? These are the little tuning fork looking pieces made from SAE 1020 steel that hold the spherical bearings as part of the hinge assembly Seems to me that these little bearings will be seeing a lot of use over the lifetime of the airplane and it seems logical that they should be periodically lubricated. The bearings have a two ports on the raceways and a recessed groove to allow grease to flow into the bearings. Seems odd to me that these would not require any lubrication... but then again, I am not an A and P mechanic. Thanks in advance for your response!

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    I'm looking at one of these bearings in my hand and I see the groove but don't see any hole from the groove into the interior of the bearing. I got my bearings from Mark. Where did you get yours? The plans do not show any provisions for a grease fitting in the hinge lug.


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      I bought a couple from McMaster Carr, more for experimenting than anything else. I ended up buying 10 more from Mark for use on my build. The ones from Mark do not have the holes, but those purchased from MC have a pin hole in the grove 180 degrees apart (which appears to be the only difference). I assumed the pin hole & groove was to facilitate lubrication. Maybe not? I'm not an A&P mechanic, but it seems strange to me that these bearings wouldn't eventually need to be lubricated.