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  • Flight Test Update

    N873GT (4-place) has 62 hours on it. Oil analyses and filter inspections are all normal. Switched from mineral oil to Phillips X/C with the last oil change about 5 hours ago. Consumption prior to that was 5 hrs/qt. (IO-360-A3B6D).

    Today I spent 2 hrs exploring LOP. Most useful setting was 2300/23” at 7.0 gph yielding 119 mph true at 3500’. CHT’s were clustered around 300 deg F, except #4 which was about 250. OAT was 45 deg F. Next flight I want to try lower rpm. Engine very smooth.

    For the last 20 hrs or so, I have been running a blend of 25% 100LL ($5.40) and 75% 93 AKI no-ethanol auto gas ($2.80). I definitely have to stay well outside the red box with that mix, else the #2 CHT begins to take off. I tried swapping injectors between the hottest and coldest cylinders, but it only made things slightly worse. Haven’t done a GAMI fuel flow test, yet.

    I love this airplane.

    Oh, last flight I shut the engine down using the vernier mixture control and forgot to pull the knob to full off...big mistake: lots of fuel in the sump after a couple of days. Don’t do that.