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Savvy Analysis free web-based tool..

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  • Savvy Analysis free web-based tool..

    Savvy Analysis free web-based tool

    If you guys already know about that tool, skip this post. If not, read on...

    Savvy Analysis is a free web-based tool that gives you the ability to view/analyze all parameters of your flight. Very cool and easy to use. Love it.
    If you have an EFIS/EMS box in your plane, you simply record your flight and than download the data, via a USB key/SD card, all flight and engine information onto your computer. Once downloaded, you log into the SavvyAnalysis website, upload the data and view various aspects of your flight for FREE.
    Things like airspeed, altitude, ROC, RPM, CHT, EGT, oil T, oil P, fuel flow, RPM...or whatever parameters your EFIS/EMS box is tracking. I really like the ability to select which items to compare on the graph. I’ve been recording data since my 1st flight. Very useful for tracking your engine performance, specially during break-in. The tool also have free analysis option, like GAMI, MAG test and others.
    Flight performance can also be analyzed safely on the ground. Things like stall speed, ROC can be extracted precisely. On my last flight, I was doing touch&go, extract the data after the flight, and plotted airspeed and altitude on the same graph. I could tell exactly what my touchdown speed was. VERY USEFUL TOOL.
    See attached screen capture...


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