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new bearhawk plans owner in Toronto.

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  • new bearhawk plans owner in Toronto.

    Hi guys...

    I`m in the Toronto GTA area in Durham region. I just bought a set of plans and looking forward to reading and learning all about this plane. pounding some metal and eventually

    I bought the 3 build manuals to look over, Ive been looking to buy the info cd but Russ Erb website links to it are broken.anyone is he still selling the CD? I cnat seem to find any contact info for him on his site.

    Have great day guys, if anyone is in the Toronto area building I would love to come have a look and learn

    Michael in Toronto
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    Welcome, Michael!

    I'm building a 4pl Bearhawk about 50kms west of Ottawa. Michel Roy in Gatineau is on the verge of first flight for his 4pl.

    I see Russ Erb post here from time to time so he may chime in. I have his CD and it is permanently open in a browser on my tablet. I refer to it and Eric's build manuals all of the time!

    If you are waffling on whether to scratch build or go the quick-build route, I would emphatically suggest the quick-build. I am scratch building, although I bought the completed spars and rib kit, landing gear, fuel tanks, and some other bits and bobs from Mark at Bearhawk Aircraft. I am YEARS into the build with years more to go. I really wish I could have swung the quick-build back when I started.



    Maule M5-235C C-GJFK
    4 Seat Bearhawk #1078 (Scratch building)
    RV-8 C-GURV (Sold)


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      Hi Micheal,
      I'm early in a build as well located in Newmarket. PM me and I'm happy to share any information I've got to date.


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        Mike, I live in Kitchener and am plans building a Patrol. My comment, consider a quick build kit. I am presently welding up the fuselage and would be glad to talk to you or if you get down this way stop by. Ed Welfred