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  • AlexPilot

    Hello friends!

    I want to build is Bearhawk 4-place. However, there is an idea
    for upgrading the standard landing gear to the likeness of Superstol XL for flights in the difficult conditions of Siberia and Yakutia and will be using Tundra Tires 31". What do you think about it? How much can the speed fall?

    Best regards,
    Moscow, Russia

  • #2
    Welcome Alex! I'm not the designer of the Bearhawk, nor am I an engineer. But I know that such a modification would require some really careful analysis of structure and loads, not intended or anticipated, in the original design. Put another way, if you're really going to subject the airframe to operations beyond the capabilities of the original landing gear design, just hanging on a system with more stroke, might not be the total solution. Your new gear system might take the loads, but something else might fail as a result of the redistributed stress.
    On the other hand, there are some very experienced pilots, flying the 4 place into backcountry sites, on the forum. I think Battson has a thread, regarding tire size affecting speeds.
    Welcome again!