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  • Still Pretty New

    Hey just a quick intro because I've been lurking quite a bit. I'm scratch building (currently) in Maricopa, AZ (city, not the county, and not the place with the Sheriff).

    Plans holder #1544B, and I've been working on the wings currently. Fabricated 5 nose ribs, and the 5th one is finally worth keeping for me, so hopefully I'll be moving faster now! But reading all kinds of stuff on the forums, read through all the Beartracks published up through now, have Eric's manuals and Russ's CD (I know they are a little outdated, but plenty of helpful info in there), and generally just enjoying building!

    I also met Scott Williamson a few days ago to check out his 4-place, and it is BEAUTIFUL!! Definitely helped me know for sure I made the perfect choice on which plane to build, so I'm super excited.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and learning from you all!
    John Wiltberger
    Model B - #1544B
    Maricopa, AZ