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Patrol #451 in Western PA.

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  • Patrol #451 in Western PA.

    Hello all. Been checking in for a while so I figured I'd say hey. I currently fly a Cherokee 180 out of 6P7 in Western Pennsylvania. I bought a pre-notched fuselage tubing kit, Wing rib kit and Spar web kit from a member here. He bought it a year ago and decided to go another way. Never did anything and most of the parts were un opened. It really kind of fell in my lap and I couldn't pass the deal up. I had been thinking hard about a Patrol anyway so here we are. I own a small CNC machine shop and have some extra space in the building so I'll build it here. Plus all the cool toys/equipment are here. So much to learn but one part at a time and hopefully someday I'll have a flying airplane.


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    Welcome, it’s the best fun you can have, enjoy the build, then you will finish it. All the best and hope to see some progress soon


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      Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am looking forward to getting started probably today actually. I've pretty much drilled, machined, cut, fabricated and welded parts for my occupation since high school. It shouldn't be too far out of my skill set there's just ALOT of work. I'll keep the Cherokee until I'm ready for firewall forward so at least I'll have something to fly in the mean time.