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BH BBQ #OSH19 - Another successful year!

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  • BH BBQ #OSH19 - Another successful year!

    Thanks to all who came for dinner tonight. Great to see you all again!

    As I said in my totally unrehearsed rambling this evening, I appreciate the community we have, as small as it is, along with its wealth of experience. Let’s continue to work together to make our favorite aircraft better and easier to build, configure, and maintain. Knowledge and experience are power!

    Thanks to Bob for great designs, Mark G for providing quality kits, Phil for the fresh corn, Mark again for the watermelon, Perry for the cookies, and you all for giving me a reason to host this event again.

    Until next year,
    ​Christopher Owens, EAA #808438
    Project "Expedition"
    Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch Built, Plans #991
    Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans #P313
    Germantown, Wisconsin, USA

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    Thanks again for hosting Chris. Always inspirational to talk to those who having flying machines. Some day I’ll be there.


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      Thanks for having us all over, it was a good time and nice to finally get to put some faces to names I've seen on here for a while.
      Rollie VanDorn
      Zanesville, OH
      Patrol Quick Build