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Plamping at a lake in Central Ohio

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  • Plamping at a lake in Central Ohio

    My oldest kids and I just had our first plamping experience at Noble County Airport (I10) east of Columbus. Wolf Run State Park is your typical, loud, crowded campground on a lake. But across the lake is a nice runway with a wide path to a primitive, shaded, and very private camping area near the water. There are carts locked up at the path's entrance which nicely facilitate unloading your plane and hauling your gear down to your tent site. Anyone who has ever squawked VFR will know the code to unlock the carts. There are some very dirty outhouses, but they were temporarily closed.

    We had a blast. The only thing that could have been better is if we flew a Bearhawk to get there! Maybe next year...

    My 7-year-old son took the lake photos while I was napping in a hammock. I'm impressed.

    Bearhawk #1217 - currently covering in Oratex

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    Wow! That looks like a fun campground! Love that you were able to get away from the masses!