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How to Square a Square and checking other building tools

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  • How to Square a Square and checking other building tools

    Hey guys..

    ....I didn't think making a square really square was possible...but this guy has a technique that can turn your run of the mill building square into a machine shop accurate tool....quite amazing to behold...

    If you're looking for transfer punches....I bought a set from harbor freight for $10...desert bearhawk has them featured in his tools video

    I also had a bad yard stick ruler from Canadian tire(kinda like a big harbor freight)....the ruler was off by a3mm over the meter/yard length(maybe a bad run with the printing off register).... I would not trust any ruler from over seas especially, until checked...I check them all from any source now... I use a digital caliper to ensure its accurate...I test 6 inch sections at different areas across the whole length...might sound like over kill, but after that bad ruler I had I just don't take for granted that measuring tools are accurate...

    Ive had good luck with the power fist line of rulers from Princess Auto(also similar to harbor freight)....the inches and mm are scribed into he this point all sizes of their rulers are accurate as tested against a digital caliper

    Another good video to check your combination square....I would use the method as shown in the above video to check accuracy by doing a parallel line test..

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