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Visualizing Paint Schemes

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  • Visualizing Paint Schemes

    I searched the forums but didn't find anything.. has anyone used photoshop to visualize their paint scheme ideas and would be willing to share the files? I'm looking specifically for the 4-place. If not, I plan on making some myself and maybe I'll share them on here if anyone else would be interested. But a quick disclaimer, I'm not a wiz with Photoshop. So if I do share it, don't expect something super fancy, lol.
    Austin Ford, EAA #1281280
    Bearhawk 4-Place (B) Scratch Build - S/N 1553B
    Carrollton, GA

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    I didn’t use photoshop, but I did make blanks from the data plate to do a rough idea for paint. It’s not perfect, but at least should be able to get you started. And this is for the four place.

    John Wiltberger
    Model B - #1544B
    Maricopa, AZ


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      Did anyone happen to draw up a similar template for the Patrol?