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  • alodine question -

    I have a gollon of PPG version of alodyne. It is at least 6 years old and doesnt seem to work any more. However - i just found
    in the cabinet a quart of the clear PPG version. How do I tell if the clear version is still working or if it too does nothing ?
    I am planning on picking up another gallon locally anyway..... but is there a way to tell if the clear is good ?


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    If it is more than two years old, you can expect it to be bad. Exposure to sunlight and air will reduce that time significantly.
    A good primer may eliminate the need for Alodine, and some have reported paint adhering better without it.



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      Thanks Pat-
      Got a fresh quart-- (all they had)
      Tried a very small test sample and it made a beautifull copper color in just 30 sec. of immersion. Then I tool the very small amount I used
      and reduced it about 100 % with distilled water. Tried another similar sample. Much slower this time. left it about 5 min.
      did not get as deep a color-- this time a light gold instead of a deeper copper. Called the PPG rep and asked about dilution----
      all she culd say was "we dont recommend it--" which seems to say that they just dont know ------ but they dont want to admit that......

      I have to go back and get another gallon when they get it in so I can submerge my ribs in it. I think I will get a better more even
      job that way than just dabbing with a sponge. (never liked that anyway.....)

      Anyone tried diluting ?