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4 or 6 trailing edge ribs

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  • 4 or 6 trailing edge ribs

    I noticed somewhere that the rib and spar kit that can be ordered for the 4 place has 6 trailing edge ribs. I have only fabbed 4 of these ribs for my
    project. with the quick build rib and spar kit I assume they expect to double up two back to back at the root like the center ribs? Is this recommended, or is this overkill what are you guys doing? Thanks gary

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    The tip rib is 3 pieces (nose, center, and back) on the factory wings/rib spar kit vs. 1 full size rib for plans built. I assume this is why there are 6 vs 4. Only the center rib is doubled up as far as I know.


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      Awesome news just finished forming my last rib. Just doing some reading and came across this concern I thought I was on the right track. 5 weeks start to finish routering and foming all 170 ribs very happy with all of them. Starting rib stiffener and attach angles next week. Spar materials expected in mid week. I better slow down. My wife married me for companionship. I figured rib metal would keep me busy for a year. Maybe spar material will slow me up a bit. This is a bit like a disease...ill get over it, when its finished. Thanjs for the quick response. Saves me dragging my dies out again, even though they havent gone far in the last 5 weeks. Will post soon im sure . Gary


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        That's pretty good progress!