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request for input about skylights and sea plane doors for QB kits

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    Maybe it's a misperception on my part, but I get the impression that Bob isn't a fan of the sea plane doors. Does he think they are a bad idea for some reason?


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      Bob has been receptive to doing seaplane doors. My guess - he thinks they will be heavier than what he designed. But we had talked about potential ways/designs of doing this before the accident. I should have pictures next week of the ceiling mod of the 4 place. Bob came up with. Mark


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        For what its worth, and for those that say a skylight provides no value cause you have to be to steep to use them. Well... not true at all. The only reason I'm even still alive is because there was a skylight in the citabria I was flying. Long story short - I was at an uncontrolled airport and had someone in a low wing plane above me descend down on top of us (I was actually with my instructor at the time), this person never made a radio call and tried to drop in out of nowhere, was coming down right on top of us - we would never have seem the plane above us without the skylight - and he didn't see us below him cause of the low wing. Instructor jammed the stick forward and banked. The other plane ended up being to high to make the runway and just flew straight off - I don't think he ever saw us or even knew we were there, or how close we came to a mid-air collision.

        So yes I'm a big +1 for the skylight.