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Bearhawk Aircraft seeking some help

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  • Bearhawk Aircraft seeking some help

    After a lot of years trying to keep everything rolling along by myself, it seems the right time to ask for some help to run Bearhawk Aircraft. Bob Barrows has told me that years ago Mr. Van Grunsven only hired staff who had built an RV. So my hope is that some members of the BH community will want to help. In the Fall I hope to take a 3-4 week trip to South America, and it is difficult to be away for so long. Both in regards to taking care of existing customers and also keeping the ball rolling with new sales/answering the phone etc.

    To be a little more specific - there are three areas where some help is very much needed & would be appreciated:

    1) Sales & answering calls and emails from prospective builders.

    2) Technical support of existing customers. I have already spoken with a very qualified person who I think will help with this. But thought it would be good to mention it here anyway.

    3) Help ferrying the planes around and also demo flying. With the three models, just getting them all to Oshkosh and back is not easy. Right now, if my new Patrol gets ready in time to fly it to Oshkosh, then I am not sure how the LSA will get there to be in the booth. For sure among all you guys there are some very competent tailwheel pilots.

    Obviously, some compensation would be given for any help. If you have illusions about this kit business being very lucrative with lots of profits - that is not the case. But I would never expect help without some compensation. My preferred compensation would be with extra good deals on kits or parts. But some $$$ is certainly a possibility as well.

    If you have interest in helping, please contact me privately., or 512/626-7886. Thanks. Mark

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    I’d certainly love to help anyway I can Mark. Like stated before I would really like to start up a 2 week to taxi offshoot but that’s not in the scope of this thread.


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      If there is anything I can do from here in the northeast, please just ask. No compensation required. ...not sure if any of what you need would fall under that?