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Got our plans!!!!!

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  • Got our plans!!!!!

    Now the adventure really begins. Ordered the plans last weekend and they were on our doorstep today, only 5 days. Been working on cleaning up the garage and hope to have a dedicated work area setup in the next week. We will be mostly scratch building Patrol serial number 425!!!! I found a steel shop nearby where I can get 4130. It is a bit more per foot but no shipping so I'll atleast get my longeron pieces through them so I don't have to pay freight. I am excited to get welding again so I'm going to start with the fuselage first.

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    Happy to hear about the the new addition to the family


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      We still have a couple weeks to get through a Graduation open house and stuff before we truly get started building but yesterday we started organizing and getting ready. Got the plans put in a protector recommended by Brooks and hung clips on the wall to make them easy to display and read, we then built a rolling cart to help keep tubing sizes well organized and easy access. hopefully next week we build the table!!!!


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        Consider Keeping this thread going throughout your build, Jake!

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      Today we finished building the table to start laying out the lines for the fuselage, starting to get real now!!!!