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Bearhawk Aircraft parts from tubing

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  • Bearhawk Aircraft parts from tubing

    Due to severe shortages of 4130 tubing right now - I request that no one buy any parts on our webstore that are made from 4130 tubing. We are struggling to get the material to keep our production line going and supply the kits that have been promised to customers. We can make the kits we have promised - barely. But not enough 4130 tubing to make loose parts for scratch builders right now that are made from tubing. Other parts are not a problem.

    I had already placed a notice by the tubing packages we sell that we are not selling the tubing packages for the time being. But supplies are so tight we can not make anything from tubing right now. I am hoping someone might see this posting before ordering things from our webstore and then needing a refund.

    Our suppliers say that July and August will be the months when every vendor's 4130 tubing inventory will be replenished. So this should not last for long. Thanks. Mark

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    Thanks Mark.
    Scratch building Patrol #275
    Hood River, OR


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      Wow, I'll order later. I won't need it before than anyway. thanks Mark.
      Scott Ahrens
      Bearhawk Patrol Plans Built


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        Mark, if ya need plate/sheet I have a bunch. Willing to trade!
        Bearhawk 4 Place Model B
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        • Mark Goldberg
          Mark Goldberg commented
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          The factory has good inventory of plate/sheet 4130. It is just the tubing that is hard to find right now. MG

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        As an aside, once things return to "normal" with supplies, are you looking to offer a Model 5 tubing package as you do for the 4 Place?

        Kind Regards


        • Mark Goldberg
          Mark Goldberg commented
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          I am sure we will Dave. Things have been so busy for me and the kit factory it has kind of discouraged taking on new tasks - like offering all the same parts for the Model 5 like we do for the other models. But we will for sure at some point. Mark

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        Thanks Mark, just looking at options and how I may start my Bearhawk 5.