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  • LSA propeller

    I'm fairly close to needing a propeller for my LSA quick build, and I'm trying to identify what would be best. My engine is a rebuilt O-200 except for the use of Lycon 9 to 1 pistons. I'm not expecting much increase in power as I plan to use the standard red line. I chose the 9 to 1 pistons only because I will use 100 LL avgas exclusively. I think I would like an adjustable pitch prop and I'm leaning toward a warp drive model. 8 or 9 years ago I replaced a wooden prop on my experimental PA 11 with a square tip HP two blade warp drive prop and the performance improvement was dramatic. That was a slower airplane though so I want to consider all reasonable options for my LSA. I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Bob

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    Hi Bob. Bob Barrows tested 4 different props on his LSA. He came away from that test recommending the Catto like I now have on my LSA. 76"x44 pitch seemed to give the best over all performance. Mark


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      Lots of info over on the Backcountry Pilot site about props for LSA-type airplanes. Almost everyone who tested Catto props versus a wide range of ground-adjustable-pitch props wound up getting better performance from the Catto prop, once they were dialed in. Since Mark has already broken the ground for the Patrol LSA with Catto, I would give it serious consideration. Catto has an incredible reputation for "getting it right" - balancing climb versus cruise performance.
      Jim Parker
      Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
      RANS S-6ES (E-LSA) with Rotax 912ULS (100 HP)


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        I'm wondering if the results of Bob Barrow's tests have been made available to Bearhawk builders. If so, I would like to get them to see what the differences in props were, and where the differences were; i.e. top speed, climb, or both. I would be willing to buy a Catto prop, but the difference would need to be significant to warrant paying three times as much for one. Bob


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          I thought he did publish results in the last Beartracks.
          Scratch building Patrol #275
          Hood River, OR


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            Beartracks 2015 Q2 has the takeoff & landing distances for the Patrol & LSA, but not comparisons between different props. In the Patrol "Book" that came with the plans, it shows that Bob measured 750 lbs of thrust with the older C/S prop he was using (not sure which brand that was). I seem to recall from somewhere that the newer Hartzell Trailblazer (which was used for the takeoff comparisons in the Beartracks 2015 Q2 edition) upped that to almost 900 lbs, but cannot find the actual reference for that data...
            Jim Parker
            Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
            RANS S-6ES (E-LSA) with Rotax 912ULS (100 HP)


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              Mostly what Bob Barrows measured on the LSA props was thrust. The Catto was second best to the metal McCauley that Bob was using. Bob only flew two props which were not that far apart in thrust - the metal McCauley and the Catto. The thrust testing was done on the ground. But with the Catto - max level speed (WOT) was the same with the Catto providing the same speed at 2850 rpm as the metal McCauley at 3100 rpm. The other two props were much less thrust and Bob never flew with them. One of the others was the ground adjustable Sensenich that I had been flying with. It did not do as well as the Catto as far as thrust.Or cruise speed.

              Will there be a night and day difference between a Catto and a cheaper prop? Probably not. But you will see better take off and climb AND better cruise with the Catto.

              There are obviously other props from different manufacturers that we did not try. You might find one that does equally as good. Mark


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                Based upon what I have read, the Catto seems to be an excellent prop, and it is certainly attractive on the airplane. I may still buy a Warp Drive for the initial flight testing, though. I can always sell it for something if I decide to go with a Catto later, and I can get some performance results on the Warp Drive in case others are interested in it. Still thinking it through though.

                BTW, I ordered the "Beartracks" 2015 issues today and perused them a bit. It is a very well done publication with interesting articles and I'm looking forward to future issues.



                • Mark Goldberg
                  Mark Goldberg commented
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                  Hello Bob. Normally a prop manufacturer will ask you some questions that help them design and build the prop. If you need any help answering questions, let me know. Mark

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                I'll be putting a Catto prop on mine. Flying Marks LSA sold me. I could tell a solid difference in the Catto.
                Wayne Massey - Central Florida