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  • Bearhawk LSA Pirep

    I just realized that I never put up link to the Pirep that I did when I got to fly Bob's LSA last March. For anyone interested, here it is:
    Eric Newton - Long Beach, MS
    Bearhawk Tailwheels and Builder's Manuals

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    Nice, impressive performance out of a C-85. Any details on the build of Bob's engine and prop? I've got a stroker C-85 on my champ and would love to eek even a little more out of it given my field elevation of 5500'. Currently running a McCauley 71/45 and can barely make red line (2575) straight and level @ 6500'. Thinking about pitching down to a 42 but maybe could go even a little more?


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      Bobs C85 is really a o200 in a C85 case. He used the O200 crank and cam along with some custom forged pistons. He used the O200 cam so he could run higher RPM to develop more horsepower. Really a nice setup.
      Scratch Built 4-place Bearhawk. Continental IO-360, 88” C203 McCauley prop.


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        I wonder about the advantage of the 85 case? Isn't the O-200 case stronger? Is the 85 case significantly lighter? Who knows, maybe it was just what he had laying around.....