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rear controls and baggage compartment

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  • rear controls and baggage compartment

    I have perused all the pictures I could find, but still am not clear how the rudder cables and elevator push rod (guessing that is what is used) get to the rear through the baggage area. Conversely, I am interested to hear if the baggage area goes clear to the lower longerons, and if the controls run along the sides or down the center. Right now my current bird, the Rans S-7, has a modified area I did that takes it clear to the longerons, with a raised area running down the center (with a removable top lid for inspection/maintenance) for the rudder cables and pushrod. This of course gives a lot more usable room then if a false floor had to be used, several inches higher.

    Another way I currently get my needed room for gear, since 95% of my flying is solo, is a forward cargo platform that uses the rear seat mounts. Along with my main rear baggage area, this gives about 5' of total length. Anyone doing this or considering it with the LSA ? I have found this method to really offer a lot more room then just leaving the rear seat in place and strapping gear down to it, as a lot of other S-7 pilots do. I almost always carry my Montague folding ebike, which takes up much of the room where the rear seat normally goes, but I still have room for gear under and behind it.

    At Johnson Creek a couple years ago, the head guy of Cub Crafter's took my ebike for a spin, and like all who ride it was impressed with it's speed and power! That led to us seeing how it would fit in a Carbon Cub. To my amazement, it wouldn't, the door was too small, and/or the pilot seat didn't tilt forward, it was just not a practical fit, or even possible. As I am totally hooked on the concept of flying with my bike, having done so for 20 years now (just the last 3 with an E power conversion added, making it even better), this of course, along with the 250 K price tag, killed any chance of me buying a CC, ha ha. I really like the wide cabin of the LSA, not large myself, just for more gear space. But short of actually trying to fit my folded bike in a LSA for real, it's hard to visualize. It also has to be somewhat ergonomically correct, not something where you have to awkwardly bend over while reaching and twisting with a 50 pound + bike, right now my setup allows me to put it in the plane with a straight up and in lift, as my door is about 5' long. I get the added strength of a smaller single door, (and the gas welded fuselage, the thing looks mucho strong) versus the two very large ones I now have, but short of a major crash I am spoiled by what I now have. If anyone currently has a Montague (best folder out there for a plane in my estimation, they ride like a normal bike) and is building an LSA, please chime in. I don't use or need both doors to load the bike BTW, just one.

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    Tom, Come see me in IDA in a week or two. Bring the bike.

    You have probly seen this build thread but it shows the rear seat baggage area. It’s flat and even with the lower longerons.
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      OK. Now that I have the wheel skis on, which require me taking off the Airstreaks and putting on the 6:00's, I don't mind landing and taxiing pavement! Last time I was in there they refused to let me land on the grass by the old log hangar, (runway #'s slip my mind, 35?), after earlier, for a couple years, after YOU alerted me to the fact they would allow it if asked, allowing me to! Can't argue with them, maybe it was just that guy and that day, part of the fun of being on the skis is not caring and even going out of my way to land pavement, ha ha.