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Bucking Rivets in the QB Wing

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  • Bucking Rivets in the QB Wing

    To get a bucking bar on the rivets in the QB wing is tricky. The guy with the bar needs a LONG arm. The foto in the builders manual shows 2 guys riveting the TOP skin, and the guy with the bar is standing between the TE Ribs and the Rear Spar. hmmm... Any suggestions? Rolly

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    Rolly, have all the skins together lifted up at the aft side with a piece of PVC, a 2x4, or something. Access is not too hard like that. Then lower the skins as you move aft. Really does not require a long arm if done like that. On the LSA wing like yours - the area where the flap goes can not be totally accessed for bucking rivets. The last few rows will have to be riveted with SS pops. Call me if I can help Rolly. Mark


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      Mark; Thanks. It worked well enough until I got close to the Rear Spar. I could not get my hands thru the lightening holes in the Rear Spar. Are the lightening holes in the Rear Spar of the Patrol larger than those of the LSA? RC


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        I was able to get the last few rows on the Bearhawk using a longer bucking bar than I normally use, inserted through the rear spar lightening holes.. I even taped the bar to a small board for a couple of rivets. Just used short bursts with the gun. My hands would not fit but I could get enough of my fingers to manipulate the bucking bar.

        I used a similar bar to this for those hard to reach rivets.


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          Rolly, you have two choices. Either you can find someone with good riveting experience and smaller hands to buck those rivets, or alternately you can use SS pops with c/s heads. You are going to be using many of the SS pops as you go further aft. Bob has said that on that bottom skin SS pops with c/s heads can be used.

          I personally am not good enough to use a longer bucking bar to reach the rivet. If I can't get my fingers against something (skin/rib/angle), I tend to screw up.

          Wish I was closer. Would come by and try to help. Mark