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Single Trim Tab

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  • Single Trim Tab

    Many factory-built aircraft have only a single elevator trim-tab. The 4-place Bearhawk has two small tabs. The Patrol kits have double-wide trim-tabs on each side.
    I have wondered if two large trim-tabs might be overkill. Has anyone every considered/built a Patrol with trim-tab on only one side?

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    My first thought is that one tab would be enough. That's based on my minimal experience. I've flown at minimum fuel, solo and full fuel with some rear ballast, but not to the calculated aft C.G.. I can tell you that mine doesn't require much trim movement to adjust. I haven't done it, but I'm quite certain that the plane could be looped, using only the trim. It's sensitive, but not to the point of posing a problem.
    "Would one tab be enough?" I think so. But it seems to me that such a change might be venturing into Bob's terrain. Why Bob put two tabs, is a good question. I'm sure he knows well that one would be adequate. Considering his quest to avoid unnecessary weight, I'd think for sure he wouldn't put two tabs. But he did put two tabs. Maybe he just likes symmetry. If you really want to pursue the single tab mod, why don't you run it by Bob? Please post his thoughts and response! I'm really curious to hear that!



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      Yes, ask Bob and let us know what he says. I wonder about if there is any twisting concern.


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        I asked Bob about trim-tab size and whether the Patrol could get along with just a single tab and this was his response:

        "The newer patrol elev. drawings show two smaller (ONE BAY)
        Trim tabs which would be best. You can use one large one. But it
        would cause more ware on the trim hardware.
        Thanks, Bob"