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  • Where to start?

    So I've got my plans and I'm about a week or two away (depending on time available) from having the shop ready for the next project. So where would y'all recommend I start? Fuse? Wings? H Stab???
    Patrol plans #398

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    I've heard recommendations of starting with the wings as they're the hardest Part and store easiest. Also then when welding on your fuselage fittings They can fit exactly to how your wings came out. I'm inclined to agree on both counts.


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      I would agree as well with the wings (Model B 4-place I’m building has the same-ish wings as the patrol). However, if you’ve never done metal working like this, I’d highly suggest working on the flap/aileron nose/pocket/rib parts before jumping into the main wing nose ribs. Those nose ribs are not fun to learn on, ask me how I know...
      John Wiltberger
      Model B - #1544B
      Maricopa, AZ


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        I'd expand the definition of "Work on the Flap/Aileron" to "Build an Aileron, then a Flap."

      • johwiltb
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        Yeah, or at least the parts for them. I purposely didn’t want to force the spar for the flap into that recommendation. I’m assuming it’s the one that’s the “over 8ft brake needed” like it is for my build.

      • Russellmn
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        I've got a local shop with a 12' or so press brake with multiple does, so spars shouldn't be an issue... I've also done some metalshaping in the past.

        I was kinda planning on wings first, but wanted to get input from others that have been where I am now...

        I like the idea of starting with flaps and ailerons...

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      I learned a lot from several bearhawk builders:

      Glue Bob's mylar sheet to a piece of 032.

      I would go to a cabinet shop and and get a sheet of 4x8 1 inch mdf.
      Cabinet shops generally have better mdf then big box stores, also the sheets a little larger then 48 inches.

      The EAA has a new online build log system that I like.

      There is a webinar on how to use the free (for EAA members) LOG site
      I used the router bits: s_useful^tools

      The EAA has a new online build log system that I like. There is a webinar on how to use the free (for EAA members) LOG site
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      Austin Tx


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        Most build their wings first but I built the fuselage first and will start my wings this winter. Storage was the biggest issue for me. When the wings are ready for skinning I can dismantle the 18 foot table and will not need it for the fuselage. My only storage for completed components is to hang them from the ceiling the frame lets the light through nicely where the skinned wings would block the light. I noticed that quite a few have built there wings first then ordered the fuselage from Mark.
        Each to his own. Ed
        Patrol (modified)