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  • Shop Renovation

    Haven't checked in for a while. Been overhauling my shop. It's close to being done. 480 sq ft of 5/8" code X drywall on the ceiling broke my back. New roof done, all new electrical with lots of outlets and 220volt done, new big ass compressor done, just need new insulation and 1/2" code 30 drywall on the walls and paint. Considering built in air, looked on You Tube for basics, need real world advice. Been away from my project for 2 months. Itching to get back to it. New shop will be bitchin.
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    And I thought moving three shelves around for the first time in 6 years was a big deal! I bet you'll enjoy the new space, especially the insulation if you didn't have it before.
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      Try Kitplanes April 2020 issue, page 70 might help.
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        I'm gonna be cutting in for two window style AC units to cool my 1200 sq ft shop. Much cheaper than forced air/central air type system.
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          You might also consider a mini split for this application.

        • Russellmn
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          mini-split is at least $1500 installed. I can do two window style installed for under $1k.