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Wing rib wiring locations

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  • Wing rib wiring locations

    For those who have run wiring in wings: is this a good location for wing wires to nav lights and plastic pitot line? I’m scared of drilling holes, don’t want to have wire in the tank bay, but am nervous about drilling holes ahead of the spar where it’s hard to see.
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    I have a set of factory ribs and they have two tooling holes. One fwd of the fwd lightening hole and one aft of the aft lightening hole. Why not use these? I think they are 3/32 dia. Will probably need to open them up some. Step drill and an angle motor might do it.
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      I ran the wiring for my lights in the area behind the tank, my wiring for the remote magnetic compass sensor ahead of the tank like you show, and the pitot tubing ahead of the tank also. I like both of those positions. Garmin wanted the wiring for the compass sensor separated from the lights.
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        I brazed a cheap step drill onto the end of a long piece of steel tube. Made a 6-foot drill bit.


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          Thanks all. I ended up running the pitot line further forward, just in front of the stiffener between the lightening holes because for the most part, I could see it. I intend to run the compass line in the same location in the other wing. I ended up running 1/2” PET flexible sleeve blustery aft of the tank since it’s easy to do and exposed the entire way. It does cost about 5 feet of extra sleeve and wire, but EASY.