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Nutplates for fuel tank covers

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  • Nutplates for fuel tank covers

    This post is intended to save time for newbies. It will be very elementary for anyone else. For anyone who hasn’t started their patrol QB tank cover installation yet, I have the following recommendation: buy 16 single-arm regular size nutplates for the corners. Package with spec is pictured below. I bought a full compliment of k1000 nutplates from Avipro, and after a few false starts I have used them successfully all around my inspection hatches and also the fuel tank covers, except in the tank cavity corners.

    The corner screw hole is pretty deep into the corner, and the way the skins lap at the corner requires a different solution than the K1000 if recommended edge tolerances are to be observed. Likewise, the hole which is next inward toward the center of the tank bay has laps which can be accommodated easily by using these nutplates, oriented with the arms pointing inward toward the center of the tank bay.

    I tried a 90 degree mini, and it worked only with tweaking. Photo provided belowI think a single arm mini would be equally problematic. This way is easy and not too expensive. You need 8 per tank, so 16 total. I was able to use K1000 everywhere else. I had to bend the arms of the k1000 up to go over the dimple for the screw, and the single arm nutplates in the corners required the same treatment.


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    Thanks, appreciate the heads up.
    Nev Bailey
    Christchurch, NZ