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Shoulder Harness attach point.

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  • JimParker256
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    Yes, we can see the pics now. Thanks!

  • Bcone1381
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    Can you see them now?

  • Bcone1381
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    Thanks. They appear from my computer for some reason. I'll try them again using a different format.
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  • quadra
    I am not seeing any photos Brooks

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  • Bcone1381
    started a topic Shoulder Harness attach point.

    Shoulder Harness attach point.

    OSH a few years ago another Builder pointed out the Patrol's Front Seats' should harness fitting in relation to the rear seat passengers head.

    The attachment point penetrates an area not far from the rear passenger's forehead. When I initially installed my shoulder harness this safety issue was exasperated and I looked for a simple way to improve it.

    The first photo shows how I started out. I installed two shoulder harness fitting like a very popular Patrol builder did on his in 2015 at OSH. My Tape Measure is sitting on the bottom of the rear seat with no cushion, so any cushion will raise it up. When I sit down, the top of my head is 35 inches above a hard seat bottom. I think my forehead would be less than 12" inches aft of shoulder harness fitting.


    The next photo shows that my initial install extended a hard point down from the ceiling another 1.5". Yikes!

    The Patrol's Hard point is fabricated from .100" thick 4130 steel and I fabricated my fitting pieces from .062" 4130 steel. My sandwiched assembly has 25% more material and I hope about 20% more strength than the hard point gives. I don't need a strength of 200%, but I'm not looking for 75% or 90% either.

    I am now looking to attach some type of energy absorbing material to the penetration to absorb energy if a sudden impact with it were to occur.

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