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N3119X O-540 built 2007 lightweight backcountry style

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  • Bearhawk 4-Place N3119X O-540 built 2007 lightweight backcountry style

    I found this older Bearhawk on Google, and thought it was pretty cool from a backcountry flying perspective so I wanted to share the photos here:
    N3119X 1.jpg


    N3119X 3.jpg

    Interesting to see they apparently started out with one style of cowl, then changed to a different style. Looks like the ram air cowl is a retro-fit to the airbox cowl, based on how the bottom metal is fitted. Although it looks like the ram-air cowl may have the fuel servo touching the bottom cowl metal, small deviation visible in the light reflecting off the ALCLAD:

    N3119X 1a.jpg

    N3119X 2.jpg