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    Wow! Just finished flying two days with Jared Yates in his 4 place with the O360. PLENTY of power at about 1000 ft. Field elevation out of Wilson airstrip in Hickory, NC. Humble and fun, right up my alley. Probably the best money I've spent toward making my first flight in my 4 place N507SR, Probably late May. I know now I can handle it. Not to be too cocky but at least confident. I had previously flown a Cessna 172 converted to a tail wheel and the end result was ok but less than satisfying.
    His airstrip is grass, wide and plenty long with a northerly uphill slope. Just the kind of flying I envision. We also used Shiflet field with grass and then Foothills with pavement and grass. What a great setup. The grass is more forgiving and progression to a tail wheel on pavement makes great sense. The wind on day one was up to 90 degree cross wind, 12 gusting to 20, I.e. The best training scenario you could ask for. It was tough, but acceptable and now I will use 15 knots Xwind limit for the foreseeable future in my plane. Day 2 was more benign. One hint: look to the end of the runway for your landings which is always a good technique.
    Jared is one of the best instructors I've had. Calm and patient, super knowledgeable, but trustworthy and he's one of us! He'll give you all the help and attention you need. I logged 4.7 hours and approx 27 landings to a full stop in the two days. (Don't skimp here. I flew from Phoenix to do this and will visit Bob Barrows tomorrow.)The training is invaluable. He'll also take you to a great home style restaurant.

    Don't hesitate to contact him. His email is:

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    I should have mentioned he is a certificates flight instructor in the Bearhawk!,


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      Thanks Harris, it was fun flying with you and I can't wait to hear more about your first flight and testing!


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        So Jared, if I'm not stepping on any toes... Could I also get FAA approval to instruct in my BH? For the folks out west.


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          Yes, please do! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Ask the FSDO if they can put us both on the same LODA.


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            Originally posted by DemoDollCate View Post
            So Jared, if I'm not stepping on any toes... Could I also get FAA approval to instruct in my BH? For the folks out west.
            Yes please!
            Scratch building Patrol #275
            Hood River, OR


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              I have about 10 hrs on my 4 plc. since I bought it & would like to talk to you about how this aircraft flies. If you might, could you e-mail me @
              Jim Lindner