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Aileron trim

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  • Aileron trim

    While reading through multiple previous posts, the topic of adding washers to the aileron hinge mounts for trimming caught my attention. After reading the posts I was confused (happens easily). There seemed to be two exact opposite solutions. Some indicated raising the aileron hinge point would "lift" the wing that had a raised hinge. Then there were others that said lowering the aileron would lift the wing. I may be wrong, but having the aileron leading edge raised would seem to cause a higher pressure on the top surface and less lift. Which is correct?

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    Adding washers under the upper "lugs" of the aileron attach weldment lowers the aft part of the aileron. This is done on the heavy wing. On my 4 place BH, I had to also put AN970 washers under the LOWER lugs of the aileron attach weldments on the other side - thereby raising the trailing edge of the "light" wing. This fixed my right wing heaviness.

    But hopefully yours will fly straight and not need "trimming" out. Kind of the luck of the draw it would seem. Mark


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      I wondered about the effectiveness of this technique, but count me as a believer now that my heavy left wing is corrected. I he change is imperceptible visually, but it really works well. Bob Way