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Cabin noise level

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    Quite a few of us at my flying job use the little lightweight Bose in-ear noise canceling headphones. I can't remember the model now. Maybe QC-25 or something like that. They are as good as the over-ear Bose at reducing noise. Shockingly good, although I haven't tried them in a piston airplane as I have about 2 hours in a piston plane in the last 35 years.

    You will have to use something else for a mic. A huge number of part-121 and cargo pilots use something called u-flymike ( and are extremely happy with them. They are a modified Bose over ear headset with a mic, and they are STC-ed. 90% as good as the aviation Bose, for half the cost.


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      Straying from the topic a bit, but I have the Bose QC-15s with UFly Mike. Great setup, and great price as you described. In a typical Cessna or aluminum Piper, they work great. In a noisy plane, like my Maule and I suspect the Bearhawk, takeoff is crazy loud and the QC-15s can’t keep up. When the noise cancelling gives up, you can’t hear anything because the headset essentially shuts off until the noise level is reduced, at which point it returns. In cruise, they work great, however. Keeping them tight to your ears/head will likely minimize it shutting down. My passenger wears the Bose, usually. I use Clarity Aloft.

      Just something to keep in mind if you fly in an area that’s ATC heavy and it’s important not to miss anything.
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        It's more than an app, but this will turn your i-device into a legit sound meter. Otherwise you're looking at over $5k for a reliable system.
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