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testing new wingtips

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    I was looking at making a set of Hoerners but had enough of building so we bought a pair of regular from TQ Fiberglass. They were well done. mswain on here made and excellent looking pair and used the most common method to form hoerner tips then took it to the next level by adding lights.

    This is the link to mswains thread.

    More info to check out

    I am straddling between houses. I think I have a university wind tunnel test save on my old desk top that demonstrated the difference between a regular wing tip and a hoerner wing tip. They ran a fine smoke stream along the wing until it went off the wing end. The regular wing tip had quite a swirl trailing of the tip. The smoke passed over the full length of the hoerner wing and passed clean over the end with no turbulence. This youtube shows a similar result. I think the 2 big things with the hoerner wing tip is that it is an extension of the topside of the wing for more lift and that it is aerodynamically clean. The aerodynamic cleanup probably aids speed and slower flight.