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Nice day flying...

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  • Nice day flying...

    So it wasn't today, it was Thursday. I didn't go very far either, just around the airport. But it was my CHECKRIDE! After about 30 years thinking and dreaming about being a pilot I finally did it! Feels awesome to be done with flight school (for a while anyway, until I decide to start on IFR) and looking forward to just getting more proficient and comfortable in the air.

    Patrol plans #398

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    Huge accomplishment! Congratulations!
    Bobby Stokes
    4-Place Kit Builder
    Queen Creek, AZ


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      Good work! Congratulations!


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        Welcome to the club!
        May it open the door to a whole new perspective on life.
        However the supplies in the hanger may have that covered!

        Kevin D



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          That. Is. Awesome! Congrats on the huge milestone.
          I'm reading a book that features Dick Bong, the WWII P-38 ace your airport is named after.
          Scratch building Patrol #275
          Hood River, OR


          • Russellmn
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            Which book? Walking through the FBO/admin building here it is QUITE obvious who the airport is named after. lol Pictures, news clippings, etc everywhere.

          • Chewie
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            Race of Aces

          • svyolo
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            I am looking at buying a hanger at Boyington Field. Pappy was the second Skipper of my first squadron.

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          That’s awesome, congrats!
          4-Place Model 'B' Serial 1529B (with many years to go...)


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            Where do you fly out of? Up north? I'm currently out of Anoka County but will be Buffalo next year.


            • Russellmn
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              Yeah, I live near Moose Lake (KMZH) but did my flight school out of Superior WI (KSUW) and I'm an EAA member of 1221 out of Cloquet, MN (KCOQ)