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  • Companion Parts Sales

    When will parts sub-assemblies for the Companion be available for purchase on the website? I'm vacillating between the 4 place and the Companion. Whichever one I decide on, I envision buying completed spars and ribs and then buying internal wing components as I need them during assembly. thx.

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    They already are available, just call Mark Goldberg and tell him what you need or want. That is what I have done. Wing spar and Ribs, and Fuse tube kit in hand, with more parts coming on the next truck from the factory.


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      We do need to create a new Parts page for the Companion. Meanwhile - get in touch if you want to order something. It is all up there but on the 4 place or Patrol parts pages since the Companion is a hybrid of the two. Mark


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        thanks, fellas, for the info. Mark, I'll get up with you when the time comes. Thx.