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The first Companion flies

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  • The first Companion flies

    We're in the process of flight testing the first completed Companion built from a kit. The kit was delivered in July and first flight was on April 22nd with just about 1000 hrs in the build.
    Empty weight is 1130. One of Bob's O360's, Catto 7666 prop which will likely get changed for a more climb prop. Although take offs are short as is.
    The weather has not cooperated for higher altitude testing but for now wide open at 3000 ft will get me 2600 rpm and 126 KIAS.
    50 KIAS over the fence with full flaps and touchdown in the mid 30's. Full flap stalls at 39, Clean at 42 KIAS. These numbers are very similar to my 4 place.
    We've taken the CG back to 18.1 so far with 200 lbs in the back and full fuel. Rear limit is expected to be at 19.8 and 30% MAC
    I'll be doing stability testing this week, so far it just 'feels' good at all speeds. The recent improvements made to the kits are very nice, having the wings predirlled and tanks done is a real time saver.
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    That is a beautiful plane, and great performance numbers too
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      Really nice looking airplane, love the paint job. Congratulations!


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        Very nice

        I like the Instrument Panel a Pilots airplane - less is more.

        Performance that is.


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          Looking great, like the firewall cover, is it a heat shield?