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  • Ready to Build!

    Good Evening Everyone!

    After a couple years of interest in experimental aviation and a year on this forum, I am excited to announce that Plans #1515B arrived earlier this week and I will begin building very soon. The build will be a family project with my three sons, dad, and grandfather helping when they are able. I will start with the wings as a scratch build and, as the build progresses re-evaluate if I want to exchange time for money and look at some parts from the factory. Looking forward to sharing updates and asking lots of questions soon!

    Todd Weld
    Plans #1515B

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    Sounds like you have lots of hands to help. Nice! My building partner and I did everything from scratch but if I had to choose I think I would take the fuselage as the quickbuild. I thought the wings were easier to understand and build. My partner did the heavy work of welding on the fuselage. I never would have learned that in time! Have fun with your family project. Eric