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New 4-place builder from Alberta Canada

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  • New 4-place builder from Alberta Canada

    Hi: My name is Nico Meijer and I will be building a quick build 4-place kit. I am working with my buddy Guy Bourgeois, out of my hangar at High River, Alberta, Canada. We picked up the kit from Mike Silvernagle in Stockholm Saskatchewan in Aug, and we ordered a hardware kit from Wicks. I also picked up a mid-time O540.
    A week after we got the kit home, I pancaked my Cessna Birddog into a field and we got some fractured vertabrae, so that has set us back a bit.....but all is well that ends well. We should be up and building actively within a few weeks. Looking forward to joining the Bearhawk community and getting busy with the build!!! If anyone is visiting High River, we will be building in hangar P10 - pop in for a visit.

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    How did the Bird Dog make out? I love those airplanes. My neighbor has one. The wing is so good, it was put on the C170B and just about all other piston aircraft Cessna built, except the Cardinal and 210. (I'm not counting the Sky Catcher that didn't really happen)


    • Nico Meijer
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      The dog is a writeoff. We were low and slow - fortunately did not spin or flip over.

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    Welcome to the forum Nico. Lots of good, helpful folks here. Mark


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      Welcome. I look forward to meeting you. I have a Patrol QB kit on the way, so haven’t started, but will very soon. I’m just the other side of town in Airdrie. PM me any time. Regards, Pat.


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        Welcome. I have plans #336, but have never started the build yet. Just down the road in Nanton. Had a 140 that I flew out of High River some years ago. Would like to stop by some time to have a look at your project.


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          Nico, I have seen many of your posts of your build on FB ..... outstanding work, wish you posted it all here as well


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            Welcome, glad you are ok after the crash, it will be great to see your progress