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Another new member with another question

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  • Another new member with another question

    I'm new to this site and have a question regarding a Patrol. My name is Floyd and I live up in western Saskatchewan and I presently own a Husky that I use on 31 inch bushwheels and in the winter switch to skis. I also have a experimental supercub (Smith Cub) on amphibs. My question for the Patrol owners is I’m thinking of going down to one plane and putting my amphibs on the Patrol and skis in the winter. I’ve trolled this site looking at weights of different builders but my question is. Does anyone have experience with one on floats and how it preformed. I’d put a 0-360 constant speed in it if I built one. It looks like it can be built around 1200 lbs (Smith Cub and Husky both 1300) so should preform very similar to my other planes but I’m hoping it will just go faster.
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    Welcome to the Bearhawk forum Floyd. You ought to go see Mike Silvernagle in Esterhazy SK. His Patrol is very nice although he built it a little heavier than what you asked about. Your thinking on this is good. You would find a Patrol would go anywhere that your PA18 or Husky will go - but have a cruise speed 30-50 MPH faster. Roomier and better handling. You would not be disappointed.

    We have a truck heading from where the kits are distributed (Texas) to SK in early January. If you are interested in doing something soon, that might work out real well for you. Mark


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      Floyd contact Mike Silvernagle he is the Canadian Distributor, great guy and a wealth of knowledge.


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        Mark that would be very fast for me to make that decision but I will contact Mike and pick his brain. Thanks