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Long time lurker comes into the light

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  • Long time lurker comes into the light

    Hey, guys.

    As the title says, been lurking here for about a year. Newbie on the board now as of yesterday. Located in Snohomish, WA. and likely going to be moving to the peninsula in a year or so.

    Plan is to purchase a 4 place QB, a Bob 540, and Dynon glass for a fairly good cruiser/camper.

    Haven't flown since late '80's and after 30 plus years running a business I am looking to roll into retirement and seeing some of the country by air. That means getting back in the air and getting up to speed with the new (to me) airspace reg's, airport markings, and all the other stuff that has changed since I last flew. METARS, ADS-B, iPads and Foreflight. A daunting task!

    Will also be looking for a Stinson or similar low price plane to use in the process and to get my tailwheel endorsement done.

    The only thing stopping me doing all of this is the FAA process to get my 3rd class medical. Though in excellent health today, I did have a issue that is hampering things now even though it was cured.

    Gotta say I am impressed with the knowledge base present on this site, and look forward to my continuing education.......FAA allowing.


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    Welcome! Sounds like a pretty solid plan. Good luck with the medical!
    4-Place Model 'B' Serial 1529B (with many years to go...)


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      welcome to the board...


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        Welcome to the group. If you are an AOPA member, they can provide help with the medical. I had an issue a few years ago, where after the doctor issued my medical, the FAA requested a ton of additional information over something that shouldn't have been a problem. AOPA helped get that resolved and when my medical expired I went with Basic Med. I recommend that for anyone that doesn't fly commercially. You have to have an FAA medical within the past 10 years, that hasn't been revoked in order to qualify. Only down side is that so far, Canada doesn't allow it.


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          Thanks for the responses, guys. I genuinely appreciate the welcome.

          Rodsmith, I have considered Basic Med, but want to be able to exercise my full rights as a PPL. I am so close to Canada, it would be an issue flying to AK and not being allowed in their airspace or to stop for fuel, etc.

          I'm sure they will come up with everything they can in this process, but my issue has been resolved so at the bottom line, they have no reason to withhold it.

          I am not a member of AOPA (was in the past) or EAA (also was in the past) because I didn't want to get invested into the life again only to be thrown out again if the FAA tells me to surrender my license.

          I have waited so stinkin' long to get back into flying, I don't know what I'll do if I am not allowed back in. It'll break my heart, for sure.

          I might go ahead and join AOPA and garner their aid before the FAA does something permanent. I have about 40 days right now on the latest 60 day response period.

          Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.



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            Welcome! As rodsmith suggests, the Basic Med is often a good choice - perhaps find an EAA chapter and chat with the folks there, quite a few in my chapter went Basic Med when they didn't know if they could get a class 3. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes legal in Canada and Mexico in the next few years, both AOPA and EAA are pushing pretty hard - they know the medical is a stopping point for lots of folks now.

            Another AOPA benefit (but I don't think you need to be a member) is their Rusty Pilot seminar- I wasn't particularly rusty, but the class was very useful (kind of like a BFR refresher) and there were a good number of folks there that were in your situation; not flying for years or decades. Yeah, I'm sure it's virtual now, but even a video is likely useful, mine was even somewhat entertaining :-)

            Best of luck, you found a good group here (and a good plane as well; I'm also building a QB 4-place).

            Eric Peterson
            4-Place QB
            Camarillo, CA


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              I will consider it, but 1st I need a more current medical than 1988, hence the ongoing fight with the FAA. Thanks guys for the input.