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New Guy in Salt Lake City, UT

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  • New Guy in Salt Lake City, UT

    Hey Everyone,

    Finally decided to register and make an account. It looks like this might finally be in the right place to be able to make plans to build a 4 place (or now a model 5) from the QB kit. My wife, GSD, and I just moved to Salt Lake a month ago from good 'ol New Bern, NC. I was working down there as a Mech Engineer at the NavAir FRC, before getting a good opportunity in software. Now my sights are set on trying to determine where exactly I could build the plane before wanting to commit to completing the private pilot training. I live in an apartment in downtown, and don't think that will change anytime soon, I have a storage unit full of tools that I couldn't let go but not enough space to build the plane.. anyone in the area with recommendations? Or have space available at least to finish out a QB of the fuselage and wings separately? Space is going to be the make or break issue for me if I am to get started anytime soon.

    Also if you're in the area and can't help me, it would still be cool to meet some bearhawk enthusiasts!

    Isa Merkt
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    I keep my 4 place in Heber on the back side of the Wasatch mountains and south of Park City.


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      oh awesome, that's not too far. Do you rent hangar space or covered tie down? how much does it run you over there?


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        I think your best bet is to try Bountiful Skypark on the east side.


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          You might also want to take a look at West Desert Airpark (UT9), which is about 25 miles south (slightly southwest) of Salt Lake City, to the west of Utah Lake. Mark and Alina Pringle are great people, and live on-site. They are RANS dealers, but there are several other types are based at the airfield as well.

          UT9 has two runways: 2600' paved, and 1100' grass. Their rental hangars (quonset-hut type) are quite nice, and very reasonable cost. They support a very active Flying Club and a flight training operation. Matthew Kalm is the primary CFI – I flew a few hours with him (transition training when I bought my RANS S-6 Coyote II) and he's good. They have autogas on the field for the flying club, but I don't know if they sell gas to non-members or not – I would call and check before planning on it.
          Jim Parker
          Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
          RANS S-6ES – E-LSA powered by 100 HP Rotax 912ULS


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            Good to be hear mate. Thanks for heaving with us.


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              Hi Isa -

              I'm downtown SLC too. My wife and I own a small house near liberty park. I have plans for a Companion. Hopeful start date being Nov. 2020. I just actually got the last inspections on my remodeled shop (small but, sufficient) today, so power is on for the first time! Excited to get rolling. Also not a PPL holder yet - have about 15 hours but put it on hold to buy the house. Flew out of Heber. Probably get started training again in a year or so. But - building, that starts soon! Feel free to send me a message.



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                Hey Isa,

                Welcome! I'm new here too actually and also from SLC, though I'm a bit south in Herriman. Also getting ready to move forward on getting plans for a 4 place also. I plan to start with scratch building for a while, then I'll eventually jump into a fuse tubing kit. Some really sound advice I've received is to build as much as you can where you live. If you think of investing 1000s of hours building, you will add a significant amount of time to the build if the distance is further than your garage. It'd be fun to connect sometime with some of the other SLC builders.

                Plans Builder:
                Bearhawk 4 Place #1638B (current)
                Hatz Classic Biplane #HC0197 (future)


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                  There's an EAA Chapter 23 (SLC area) meeting this Friday, 7pm, if anyone doesn't know. I plan to be there, for my first meeting.


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                    Hi Isa et al, I'm in the process of moving to SLC. Should be moved in by spring 2021. Just finished a group build on an RV-12iS. It began as an EAA chapter project (EAA 105). It was a great experience and I learned a lot, but I really want to build a tube and fabric airplane. The RV took two years start to finish. I'm already thinking about my next project. Bearhawk is on the short list. I'd like to meet other builders and pilots near SLC. I might consider a partnership, or collaboration on a BH to gain more build experience. I'd like to earn my A&P certificate. I own a 1941 Interstate Cadet. I plan to bring it with me. Thinking I'll base at South Valley Regional, U42, if I can get a hangar. Look forward to flying in Utah.


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                      BHSLC triumphantduke
                      Would any of y’all be interested in setting up an SLC build group? Maybe a Facebook group or even group text. Keep motivation high/talk shop and questions. I started Thanksgiving day and will probably be finished all nose ribs this weekend.

                      I live and work downtown SLC. Would be glad to host a small gathering post Covid.
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                        NSLaw that sounds like a great idea! At the moment studying for the written pilot exam, then intend to check out the south valley flying club for the flying lessons. Hopefully I can find a CFI there with enough availability to hit the lessons hard. In the mean time, continue the planning required for building a model 5 with a AC Aero Hawk V4 . Since it doesn't look like anytime soon for "post covid" would you be open to a meeting outdoors? A hike?
                        BHSLC sounds like a plan! Looking forward to meeting some more people in the SLC area.


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