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New Member from Detroit area (KPTK)

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  • New Member from Detroit area (KPTK)

    Hello, my name is Walt Plentis and I just made arrangements to pick up a 4 place scratch built kit from the original builder in West Virginia. I plan to put an IO-540 in it and a set of strait floats. I’m a retired US Army helicopter pilot currently flying biz jets. I’m also an A&P/IA and operate a small maintenance shop primarily servicing corporate jets, but we maintain several light GA aircraft also.

    I’ve never flown in a BH, but hope to soon, particularly one on floats but I realize it’s toward the end of that season too. I have a J3 Cub on Aqua 2500’s that will come off the water next week.

    This forum looks like a great resource and I plan to use it often. I’ll thank all the contributing members in advance for your help and advice


    Walt Plentis

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    Hi Walt, welcome, there's a few of us in the Detroit Metro area. I don't know if there's any currently flying in the area but there are definitely a few builders. I am based at KYIP and have just started a Patrol scratch build. I currently have a 1964 M4-145, which is a bit anemic.


    • Walt Plentis
      Walt Plentis commented
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      I had a friend who owned an M4-220, that performed pretty well, That Franklin engine was strong. The Patrol looks like a nice machine, hope your build goes smoothly

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    As another SE Michigan builder I'll jump on here to say hello. I have a B model 4 place kit and am hoping to finally get started building after Thanksgiving. I know there are several Patrols in the area, but was excited when Walt reached out to have another 4 place build. There is another individual out by Grand Rapids that recently bought 4 place plans, but is swamped at work right now.

    Radarroom, I didn't know you were building a Patrol! Now that your wife earned her PVT you'll have to do his and her builds like Donna and Dennis. I'm sure Mark would be happy to set you up with a kit, you know, to use as a reference for the scratch build. Perhaps even delivered in time for Christmas.



    • Radarroom
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      David, once you get started let me know, I'd love to come to check out your shop and such, I'm still pretty early in my process and would love to see how the kits are. Could also lend a hand anytime you might need it.

    • Walt Plentis
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      I just got my project home from WV yesterday I'm anxious to get started on it! I'd like to take a look at your kit one day soon.

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    I live in Chelsea, between A2 and Jackson and putting together a Patrol from a Quick Build kit.

    I regularly talk with a another Patrol builder out of Belleville.

    Scratch Builder in Fenton who is makes outstanding....blistering.... progress.
    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build


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      Awesome plan, please keep posting on your progress. Especially about the floats!


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        Hey Walt, welcome aboard! I'm just a little ways south of you in Findlay, OH. I've got a Patrol that I've been flying for about 3 years now and you're welcome to come down and check it out sometime. Small world, I flew helicopters in the Army for 10 years and am now at a regional airline. I just applied for a job based at PTK so I thought it was kind of funny when I logged on here and saw a new member from there.
        Rollie VanDorn
        Zanesville, OH
        Patrol Quick Build


        • Walt Plentis
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          I drove thru Findlay on my way back from picking up my project yesterday. If I get back that way I'll let you know. I'd like to fly in your Patrol

          Where did you apply for the job?