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In Alaska and hoping to make my midlife crisis a good one

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  • In Alaska and hoping to make my midlife crisis a good one

    Just moved back up to the Anchorage bowl for the second time, specifically to Eagle River and would love to explore more of the state with my wife and two larger dogs. We loved it the first time we were here and have realized a great way to see much of the state is by air.

    All my aviation experience is with the military except for maybe 40 hours in a Cessna 172 about 15 years ago in Okinawa. That said, I have no trail dragging experience (never even sat in one) and will be needing to get my civilian flight equivalencies which hopefully I can get sorted in the next 6 months or so. I hope to start flying GA long before any plane I would build would become a reality either through an aero club or even buying a completed by someone else plane.

    As far as Bearhawk goes, I've been looking at all sorts of bush planes and bush planes kits, from side by sides to tandem, RANS to Kitfoxes and dozens of others.

    The Bearhawk (specifically the 4-place) just seems to have it all when it comes to what I think I'd eventually be wanting to do with it. Furthermore, as I fast approach 40 (less than a month away), I figured I should try to make my midlife crisis something memorable.

    If I'm lucky I might just be able to walk away with a plane and a lot less money rather than just regret and a lot less money.

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    Sounds like a great philosophy to me! Looking forward to following along with your progress.


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      If you are ever on the Kenai Peninsula stop by for a visit.