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Harbor Freight 30" bending brake #67240

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  • Harbor Freight 30" bending brake #67240

    I purchased this brake because I had no way to bend spar to rib attach angles. As received, the clamping bar was cut to a sharp bending edge with about 10 degrees of relief for spring back. I tried to bend an attach angle using this setup and got a bend radius of about .050 or so. I could just see light under a 1/16" radius gauge. Plus I could not get a 90 degrees bend. The limited relief for spring back left me at about 85 degrees or so. Too tight a radius for .032 2024-T3 per AC 43.13 which recommends 2T - 4T. So I spent a few hours sanding and filing a 3/32 radius on the clamping bar and added more relief to achieve a 90 degree bend. The result is a very usable tool that nets parts with a perfect 3/32 radius. I'm very happy with the tool and give it two thumbs up. I paid $48 including tax with my 20% off coupon.
    Patrol #30 Wings

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    I made some modifications to that brake and have been using it a lot.

    First I stiffened it up by welding some square tubing to the fixed angle and the leaf.

    Then I set it up to clamp the foot in place with some threaded bars. I used magnets to hold the foot to the added top crossbar so the setback could still be adjusted.

    By setting generous setback and using a .020 foot cover I have bent everything from the wing rib attach angles to the steel brackets for the gear and wing attach points on the fuselage.

    Pgs 13,14 and 15 here( show the mods


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      I have that same brake but I have not modified it but I have only been bending steel with it, I think I will do the same mod as Gerry when I start bending aluminum, my next project will be my instrument panel so it will have to be modified before bending that aluminum. Brad I think you jacked that thing up and pulled another one under it!!!