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North American Distributor for MGL Avionics

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  • North American Distributor for MGL Avionics

    I'm looking for reviews on your experience dealing with the NA dealer for MGL. I'm considering the new MGL V16 com radio and MGL in South Africa has been great at providing info and I like the specs on the V16 but I'm concerned about US support after purchase.
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    I’m not sure about the V16 but I just pulled my V6 radio out for the last time because it sucked. After about the first 60 hours of use it kept overheating and would stop working. I will give MGL credit though for being good about customer service, they sent me a new radio before I shipped the old one back, I think the service center was or is in California.

    My issue with the V6 is that the built in intercom does not work very good. I tried every combination of adjustments you can make in the radio and it never worked that great. Then after about 300 hours on the new radio it would stop receiving and transmitting but the intercom would work. When this would happen I would have to completely shut down my electrical system and then power it back up to get it to work long enough to land at an airport.

    This week I just pulled it out th MGL and put in a flightline 760 radio and a sigtronics intercom system. I only put a couple of hours on it yesterday but so far it works great.
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      I used to retail MGL products and Matt, who is South African but lives/works in Terrance, CA, is a friendly and helpful guy. That was years ago though. Their website doesn't seem to be working right now.
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        Thanks guys. Good service after sale is what I was wondering about. Sounds like they are good to deal with.

        BH2015, Thanks for sharing your experience with the V6. It aligns with most of the reviews I've read. The V16 is a completely different animal and I'm hopeful it will be ok. The possibility of adding a nav receiver to it is appealing and I like the user interfaces. I have an external intercom I'll be using.
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